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Return of The Chronicles of Fey

It all began with an innocent suggestion during a book club gathering, only to later bloom into something I hadn't quite expected. The characters were born and their decisions made more events unfold until they had exhausted all options.

It was an exciting time and the characters are a part of my soul now. However, as time passed, I realized they needed more. Something was lacking. What? I wasn't sure. Either I needed more or the characters changed. Possibly both. The books had done well in their original publications, but I wanted a refresh. Indie publishing had changed in the ten years of their first release. I also had deleted scenes burning holes in notebooks, begging to be included in the tales.

I couldn't ignore them anymore, or any of the other voices that called to me. So I hit unpublish and got to work. Sort of. Life and its ups and downs popped up here and there, and everywhere. Giving me tickles and slaps of its reality.

The Chronicles of Fey needed a manuscript makeover, and I was (am) determined. They've been out of print for a few years now (time really flies when you're a busy bee, or in my case, an entire hive.) Slowly, I worked on it, writing, editing, and adding, Rinse and repeat. So many different things, but I wasn't satisfied.

Then one day a friend and fellow author, Cait, was beta reading and made the suggestion of changing the POV. "Have you considered making this first-person?" What? No! That would be so much work to change it and what about the third book? I couldn't make the third book first person, so what would I do for that?

She agreed it would be, but to think about it, and I did. A lot. She was rarely wrong with her suggestions. I eventually grabbed the first chapter and gave it a go. Much like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, life was flipped, turned upside and down and I finally sent her the first chapter.

I did another chapter, and then another, adding in those scenes I had originally cut. There was a spark, a tingle, electricity crackled as I typed and the characters breathed again. This was it! This was the refresh it had been waiting for!

New covers were created and The Chronicles of Fey had the rebirth it deserved. Because its new publication will be returning (early fall) I will be giving teasers and such in blogs. I want everyone to reunite with Kesta, Kharis, Knight, and Diamon or meet them for the very first time! There will also be a contest to win a free copy! Be sure to follow my blog to get your chance for all the goodies!

The first book is RISING.

A wrong turn causes a chain of events that will awaken not only good but also an evil that has been searching for them.  Magical worlds will come together to help battle a war, and a family past, they never knew existed.

Following are a few excerpts from The Chronicles of Fey, Rising.

Romance, battles, mystery, and magic are just a few of the qualities The Chronicles has to offer. Look for more coming soon, and the publications! ___________________________________________________ Please leave a comment and like below!

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