"The hard part isn’t writing. Stories, make believe worlds and insanity, I’ve been doing that since forever it seems. No, the hard part is getting people to acknowledge you, knowing who you are and sharing what you’ve created. Alone with your own words and worlds,that’s the hard part."-Melissa Willis-Sell


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Writer's Edge

Children's Stories    


The Escapades of Nae; Nae's 1st Day

The Escapades of Nae; The Secret Door





An Irish Promise-Salty Tales anthology (Stormy Island Publishing)

Mall of Magic-Magical Reality anthology (Pixie Forest Publishing)

Death's Door- At Death's Door anthology (Pixie Forest Publishing)

Good Knight- Fated anthology (Stormy Island Publishing)


Dreamcatcher- Rejected anthology (published by Erin Crocker)

Timor House- Fear and Fables anthology (Stormy Island Publishing)


Melissa is a published novelist, poet, and short story author, who loves to stuff her face with chocolate while binging Doctor Who. She enjoys crime TV, reading, and quiet time. She hasn’t done much of it in the last nine years since she’s been chasing after her four children. Melissa is married to her favorite nerd, and together they herd their tribe through the bluegrass of Kentucky. To contact Melissa, you can email her at melissa.a.sell@gmail.com. 

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  ~Happy Reading, even if you aren't reading me!~ Melissa Willis-Sell