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Seeking Sara

Sara A. Mosier is a Nebraska author and poet. She has poetry and photographs published in several issues of Laurus Magazine, an undergraduate magazine at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Her collection of Midwestern-themed poetry is published in the University of Nebraska Press's 75th Anniversary edition of "Voices of Nebraska". Her queer romantic short stories "Sparkling Human Conundrum" and "Summer Dilemma" can be found in the anthologies Love Dust and Salty Tales on Amazon, as well as other LGBTQ short stories and poetry in the anthologies “Untamed”, "Merrow", “Love Like This”, “Pride and Passion” and “Songs of The Rainbow” by United Faedom Publishing.

She has also released her debut book of poetry titled Unfettered: A Collection of Poetry available as well on Amazon.


Do you prefer to write about male or female characters?

I prefer to write male characters I'm not exactly sure why either. When I started writing around 11 I always gravitated towards a male narrator.

What's your biggest challenge when you are writing something new? How do you overcome it?

I think it's two things. One: Getting started, getting that first page rolling, and Two: research. I feel like I never choose projects that I'm fully and completely knowledgeable about. I hate to sound cliché but it's really just getting started, pushing yourself, and knowing once you get the ball rolling you've tackled a barrier.

What character- yours or from another book/author- would you want to be your bestie if you could?

Oh, I love this question. I really had to think long about this, haha When it comes to my own books/stories, ones I've had published, I'd have to say my very first character I wrote from my novel Mirror, Mirror. Ian Van Masters, he's loyal, adorable, romantic, and beautifully troubled. As for a character in a book, Melanie from Gone with The Wind, she's an emotional survivor and I adore her.

You have a collection of haunted dolls, which is your favorite?

Oooooh I love them all but I gotta say Jolene is my favorite. She's a porcelain doll dressed in baptismal gowns from 1911 and I get such a positive and strong hum from her. As my sister would put it, 'she's seen some shit' And given it was around Titanic times I have to agree lol

What are you working on now?

As of now, I'm pushing hardcore to get my paranormal romance Lithium edited and available by Fall. It's a story of soulmates Riley and Cade who move into their first rental house, something neither of them has had, only tiny apartment living. When Riley finds an underground 'hideout' filled with some creepy stuff things begin happening around the house, more to Cade than his boyfriend and roommate. A dark entity has certain fixations and this one has Cade in its sights. I'm super excited about this one!

You can find Sara's poetry and short stories in many anthologies by United Faedom Publishing.

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