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The first round of books have been read and are now entering round two of the author battle! There was a slight hiccup at the end when one of the judges went into labor while reading the last book.

Wow! Congratulations to Author Katie Cherry on the birth of her son! (You can read more about Katie in a previous ISFAB blog.) Now that round one is done, what does the next round have in store for everyone?

Twenty judges have one month to finish 40 books. Two books are assigned per judge. The top ten of this round will continue on to the semi-finals. That simple? Not exactly. Here's a small rundown on how it works.

  • The points of each book will be collected from the judges to determine which books move to the next round.

  • Reviews for each book ARE required (only two reviews per judge since each judge will be reading two books in this round)

  • Michael Evan (FallbBrandt Press) will look at the reviews and determine which five judges should be the judges for the SEMI-FINALS.

It's hard to believe we don't have long before a winner is announced. It's an amazing competition and this is only its first year! Hard to believe how time has flown by, but it's been anything but dull, to say the least. I am excited to read these books and give some reviews. Glad I am not judging because I am sure it's hard to choose among so many. If all goes well with this competition there has been some talk of doing another at some point. Whether I enter my own during that time will remain a mystery, for now.

I am going to supply a list of the books and their authors who are continuing to this new round. Be sure to click their links and show some support! It's not easy being out there and doing all they do. Get comfy and grab a snack! Here is your next read!

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