Indie Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author Battle!

Updated: Jan 5

*ISFAB is organized and sponsored by Fallbrandt Press.*

Okay, it may not be exactly this type of battle but believe me, to those authors involved this is literally what their minds are doing. An independent battle royale I am watching closely, and tuned in more than I am for the Masked Singer reveals. What is Indie Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author Battle?

Glad you asked!

Fallbrandt Press is hosting the Independent Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author Battle (ISFAB). It's 100 books that will be accepted and judged until a final one has been declared the winner. It's a six-month process with twenty judges. A final four judges will decide the top prize winner.

The books go through four rounds of elimination. Judging is based on their cover, their blurb, and their content. Judges are given a list of questions and must rank each question on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the worst and 10 being the best). The books with the most points move on to the next round. You can find a breakdown of rounds here. To find out more about the judging process, CLICK HERE.

On January 1st, the books will be distributed among the judges to begin the judging process.

I will be following closely and updating the author list with each round. There will be so much information your head will swim.

Will you be entertained? Yes!

Will you find new authors to read? Also, yes!

Will your already out-of-control-TBR list get even longer? HELL YES!

Books are a great comfort when it comes to blocking out reality, and, let's face it, 2020 has been a reality we want to forget.

The first round is a little intimidating to look at, and I even sucked in a breath as I scanned its length. Whew! Those judges are gonna need some serious coffee and snacks. I needed a shot of espresso just to read through it all. All of the books are intriguing and I am curious to read them. I will most definitely post reviews on here and on Amazon.

Something else I need to insert here; Leave reviews for authors! We are a small business and it's very hard work for indie authors.

We are a one-man/woman band. The more reviews the more we circulate in the algorithm we are wading through.

Below is a list of those in the first round, not everyone will make it on, so check out these authors and their work. Get an e-book and show your support, leave a review.