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Q&A for The Chronicles of Fey

So, this is a little out of the ordinary, at least, for me. As many now know my trilogy, The Chronicles of Fey will re-release its first book this November. Those who haven't read the originals have gotten curious about its details.

In fact, my friend and fellow author, Joshua D. Taylor asked some intriguing questions, and I thought I'd share the answers with not only him, but everyone else as well. I won't keep you waiting since I know you're on the edge of your seat.

JDT: Chronicles of Fey is about a pair of siblings, do you have any siblings and how has your relationship with them influenced/inspired your characters?

Me: I do have 3 half-sisters, but the relationship between Kesta and Kharis are more from the close friendships I developed with several friends. Kharis in particular is loosely based on a long-time friend, and her banter with Kesta is pretty much how we are together. JDT: This is a fantasy story, so tell me a little bit about your world-building process. Did you plan it out in advance or make it up as you went and discover it along with the characters?

Me: For the first book I just had a base outline and a small map of where things were since the story is split between the mortal realm and only touches the others. The second and third books delve a little deeper into other realms and required more details to be added. Although the originals were filled with details, the new manuscripts have gone a step further. Because of this, I have a lot of notebooks so I can keep everything straight, lol. JDT: There's a lot of talk these days about magic in stories needing a 'system'. Does CoF use a magic system or do you keep it wild and unpredictable? Me: Magic is naturally wild and unpredictable, changing with whoever wields it, therefore I don't see a practical so-called system in play. Perhaps the lack of mine having any is my 'system.'

JDT: What were your influences for Chronicles of Fey? Me: The first thing I should say is that I keep a log of all my dreams. When I was 19 I had an odd dream and the people in it kept calling me Kesta. It was so odd that I wrote it all down thinking maybe I'd use it later. Fast forward 23 years when I was asked to write a fae story for book club, that exact dream is the first chapter of The Chronicles of Fey, Rising (book 1). JDT: Chronicles of Fey is a trilogy, do you plan to write any more CoF books? Me: There is another series that will take place after The Chronicles, and I have the outline done (for another 3 books) but I can't say more than that since it may spoil the third book for those who haven't read the trilogy. Those who have read the originals already know but there will be new things to discover for them also. I also have an outline done and waiting on Laci and her coven of the Northern Witches, with their origin story. JDT: You originally published Chronicles of the Fey about ten years ago and have been going back and reworking them, what spoiler-free updates have you made other than changing the perspective?

Me: A lot of the characters that didn't make appearances until the second and third books are being introduced in the first book. Sallie, who was a reader favorite (along with myself) will be making an appearance in the first book instead of solely being in the third. Several other characters have more depth than they previously did. For instance, Diamon, who is half-vampire and half-dragon. His dragon race wasn't really touched on, but it is finally named in the new version. In fact, I have a short story, Good Knight, in the Fated anthology by Stormy Island Publishing. This story contains Diamon's ancestors and explains how the dragon race came to be. JDT: Revisiting these novels, what things pleasantly surprised you and what made you cringe? Me: The action scenes still get me pumped, especially in the second and third books. Kharis's sarcasm is also a favorite. I did cringe at the outdatedness of it, lots of things have changed in the world since it was first written (2009/2010) and published (2011). Along with all that, it needed more tightening and editing. I've grown as a writer since then and I demanded more from the story. JDT: With there being SO many fae books out there, how do you keep a fantasy story feeling fresh and new?

Me: Ugh, I wish I knew the answer! lol I hope my work reads fresh and stands out from others, as all authors do I am sure. I'm not certain if it does (that doesn't sound very imaginative, does it?) but I know what I like and what I want to read and that's literally all I do when it comes to writing—write what I want to read. Even if The Chronicles bombs this time around, I wrote something I enjoyed and that's all that matters. JDT: Are there any plans to turn the CoF into audiobooks?

Me: Yes! I do have that in the plan but it will be after all three books are back in publication, unless there is a high demand before then. JDT: If CoF were adapted into a different medium, would you prefer TV or film? Why? Me: TV. With all the world binge-watching I would love to see Netflix adapt it into a series. I already have some actors in mind for the parts. Not that I would probably get them, but it is fun to imagine David Tennant as Bael. (Bael appears in book 2.)

JDT: If Doctor Who arrived in Chronicles of the Fey, what would happen? Me: It's funny this is mentioned, lol! So, in the third book, there is a character modeled after the 12th Doctor from my beloved BBC series. He even has a 'time machine' that's a cloud named Clara. I can't really say what happens since it would be a huge spoiler.

Thank you Josh for the amazing questions! I hope my answers satisfied any curiosity and if anyone has any more, please, send them my way! E-book is available for pre-order now! Find it here.

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