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Interview with Kelly Blanchard

Kelly is a huge fantasy fan but also loves science fiction. She has created a massive universe with several series already written and many more planned to write--all in the same universe with familiar characters, and everything is connected. She enjoys the challenge of seeing what exactly happens when you pit medieval magic against high technology, and she seeks to fully explore the shades of gray in all her characters--good and bad. It's quite an adventure for sure.


You have an impressive series. Without spoilers, can you tell my readers what the series is about?

There is so much going on in my series, The Chronicles of Lorrek, that it can be difficult to summarize. The main storyline follows Sorcerer Prince Lorrek as he seeks to clear his name and protect those he cares about as war threatens his home. The problem is, not many appreciate his help because they believe he is guilty of terrible crimes. If nothing else, they blame him for all the bad that has happened. After all, he has magic, so he should have been able to prevent bad things from happening, right? It's a delicate balance he walks between trying to do what is right and just giving in to everyone's perspective of him being the bad guy.

What was the inspiration for the world you created?

I don't recall what inspired the actual world, but I know the idea for Lorrek came when I watched the Thor movies. I loved Loki, but he was the villain. I asked myself, "What if he wasn't the bad guy? What if he was just terribly misunderstood?" I took that seed of an idea and morphed it into what I have today, which has absolutely nothing to do with Norse Mythology.

Is there a part of the series that was particularly challenging to write?

The only parts that have ever been challenging to write have been writing space battles. The series is fantasy (magic, dragon, and everything) and science fiction (other worlds, blasters, space ships, etc), so we encounter some space battles. While I find writing battle scenes or fight scenes on the ground easy, having the full 360 that's available in space battles is a lot more complicated, but it makes for an interesting scene!

Which of your characters do you wish you could talk to in real life?

I would love to speak with Lorrek in real life just because he's my main character! Gotta love him! Otherwise, there's a character named Anelm that would be awesome to speak with in real life. She knows so much and is very wise and calming. It would just be neat to meet her in person.

What type of research did you do for the storyline? Before I wrote the Chronicles of Lorrek, I wrote historical fiction based during the Crusades. I had done a bunch of research about all things medieval. So when it came time to write the Chronicles of Lorrek, I was able to apply a lot of information that I had learned in

the previous research for the series. Other than that, the only other research I really did for CoL was researching ant colonies. I have a race that has colonies, and they are insectoid, so I based them off of ants--not their appearances but rather some habits they have. It was very interesting. The race is called the Ancicoincas.

How many more books do you have planned for this series?

There are a total of nine books in the Chronicles of Lorrek. I do have a short story collection available to my subscribers only, and I am working on a Guide Book for the series. So if I include those two, the entire series would be eleven books long. However, I have other series already written and am writing and plan to write that take place in the same story universe, so yeah, it's a lot of fun!

Are you working on any other stories at this time?

I am revising the second book of the next series that I will be publishing, The Ceralian Gambit, and I am co-writing with my husband the second book in another series. It all takes place in the same universe, oftentimes with familiar characters!

What is a normal writing day look like for you?

Usually, I get up, do a bit of work on my computer since I work from home, and then I sit down and write. I like to write 1,000-2,000 words a day, but depending on the day, I can only write so much or I can do more. Right now my schedule is all up in the air since I just moved from Texas to Florida and am trying to get things settled. It's hard to say what the day will hold, but I am the kind of person who needs to write every day.

What do you like to do when not writing?

I enjoy baking (not cooking, just baking). I like to play the piano, love on my kitties, and play around with graphic design. If given the

opportunity, I like to practice archery, fencing (sword fighting), and Martial Arts.

Is there a book series that you have an addiction for or a certain author?

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get sucked into books for a long time since I am so busy writing. I have so many books in my TBR pile that I cannot wait to get to--just been so busy!

Where do you see your writing career in five years?

Everything is heading in the direction of me finally becoming a bestseller, so that's exciting. A lot of people really want me to try and get my books made into a TV series. Not sure if that'd happen, but would be cool. I'd like to have my own bookstore by that time, and I plan to have many more books published!

I hope all of that comes to pass! Thank you for speaking with me today!

Thank you so much for having me! Find Kelly at the following links:


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