Interview with Daniel Potter

DANIEL POTTER writes about creatures that are generally considered highly improbable, from talking cats, flying reptiles made of living metal, and people who sprout foot-long talons when annoyed. As a biologist, he should know better but he’s always ready to leave reality outside if needs too, no matter how much it scratches at the door. He’s the author of two series, Freelance Familiars, a unique take on urban fantasy from the familiar’s perspective, and Rise of the Horned Serpent which is best described as Sky Pirates Versus Dragons. 

Can you give my readers a brief synopsis of your series Freelance Familiars?

It’s a view of a magical world from the bottom up.  Thomas Khatt wakes up one day not with magical power but as a mountain lion.  He barely figures out how to work the toilet with paws before a witch shows up and tells him to get prepared for his new life as a valuable familiar. Not wanting to spend the rest of his life mentally bound to some spoiled brat apprentice Thomas escapes, provoking a cat and mouse game (where he is a very big mouse) as the wizards hunt him with a pack of werewolves. He turns to the squirrel they hired to burn down his house for help.  He’s very short on friends.

Do you have a set amount of books planned out?

The sixth book might be the last, or maybe the seventh… We’ll see?