The Chronicles of Fey started in 2009. At the time I had a regular book club and we gathered every other Friday at my house.  One of the women in the group, who knew of my love for writing, asked if I would write something about the fae. One chapter was written for each meeting, and then two, then three, until I realized this would be a novel and not just a short story as intended. It also wouldn't be just one book but three. 
They were previously published by Amazon and I have since taken them down. Why? I wasn't fully satisfied with them. The story itself, as much as I love it, needed refreshing. Tighter editing and characters more developed. I am not ashamed to say that back then I was less sure of myself as an author than I am now. 

I edited out a lot of scenes that will be included in the new manuscripts. New covers (shown above) will reflect some of the new content. Anyone who has read the originals will want to read the newly refreshed manuscripts as there are many things I left out in the first releases. Follow this page and my site for teasers, quotes, and when they are re-released, there will be contests for amazing prizes! 

The sisters and their journey are being re-imagined...don't miss it!