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Manuscript Submissions!

Every author has the same dream. Write that bestseller and get a publishing contract.

Some want fame and fortune, others just want to leave something to be remembered by or all of the above.

Unfortunately, the process is more complicated than just sitting down and writing a story. Once the work is written, the process of editing comes in, and it's a long and grueling process indeed.

Walk into a room of a hundred writers and ninety-nine of them will tell you how much they loathe editing. Blurbs are a close second. Trying to summarize that three-hundred-page book in a paragraph the size of a toddler pinky is enough to make you want to bang your head against a brick wall. Actually, the brick wall sounds like more fun.

Up next is the publishing process. If you want traditional you need to have a pristine query letter ready and have a box of tissues for the rejections we all receive at some point. ( Mine was around twenty in the beginning.)

Tears and frustration are enough when you're writing (yes a lot of us writers cry when we kill off characters sometimes) let alone someone telling you that your work isn't what they are looking for right now.

As an author, I really hated getting those, and as a publisher, I really loathe sending those. In a perfect world, we would all have contracts and be best sellers. Alas, it's not so, and we all adjust accordingly.

The good news is that my publishing company, United Faedom Publishing, has begun taking submissions for author collections and novelettes. We still have calls for short stories, and will continue anthologies, but we want our authors to have something that is all their own. We plan to move on to novellas and novels this year, but we have an exciting call right now for a unique anthology series that we are all excited about. See that call here.


We will begin accepting submissions on author story collections and novelettes starting APRIL 5th. (See further details here.) Even if you had short stories published somewhere else, as long as you continue to have the rights to them and aren't under contract, you can use them as a collection of your own.

We also offer editing services, free if you are one of our contract authors, and at discounted prices for those who are needing a helping hand. We have trusted beta and writing groups to help struggling writers get rid of that writer's fatigue.

We want to help you achieve your dream because it's our dream to see you succeed. Check out United Faedom Publishing, and my website If you have any questions feel free to email us at either site. Sign up for newsletters and follow us for sneak peeks at new things, auto-entry in contests, and major discounts on merchandise. ~Happy Writing

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