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ISFAB FInal Judges: Who Are They? Part 2

The ISFAB competition is in round 2 and moving forward smoother than the first thirty years of my life.

(You can read more about this exciting competition in previous blogs.) So far, we have met many of the judges and one from the finals. Today we will meet another final judge.

E.G. Stone is an indie author, linguist, freelance editor, and book reviewer. When not writing books of the sci-fi and fantasy variety, she is likely causing trouble by messing around with language, drinking tea, or reading.

There is a lot of reading. As a book reviewer, E.G. reads everything from historical fiction to grimdark fantasy, with every genre in between. She has a fondness for words and an inkling for causing trouble.

I asked E.G the same questions as the other judges...

Q: Do you keep a book review journal? A: Sort of. I keep a record of all the books that I’ve read during the year, and then I also have a Scrivener document where I keep all the book reviews from my blog. My YouTube channel has all the book review videos. So…yes, just not a coherent one! Q: Is this the first time you have been a judge for a contest?

A: Certainly, this is the first time I’ve judged anything outside of academia. I’m usually on the other end of the contest things. Q: Is this your favorite genre to read? If not, which one do you prefer?

A: I read everything. All the genres, all the styles from fantasy to poetry to non-fiction. Though I will admit, I get very bogged down with medical texts and do my very best to avoid legalese. Not that such things cross my desk very often. Q: What prompted you to be one of the judges? A: I read a lot. So I figured, I might as well read with a purpose towards something. Also, there was a post, and if people ask me to read something I usually say yes. I love this competition and will be leaving reviews on the books involved soon! Check out E.G. 's youtube channel here. Leave a comment and a like below, and be sure to check out my other blogs!

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