Interview with MJ Vieira

MJ Vieira resides in Central Iowa with her husband, Alan, son, AJ, their dog, Poopah, and cat, Sir Fluffabut. MJ is very proud of her home state of Maine and as a child, she traveled around the state with her parents. This allowed her to see the vast history the New England state had to offer. As a teenager, she toured the nation while showing her American Quarter Horse, Truly Vested. While traveling, she read many of the great authors of the time including JRR Tolkien, Stephen King, CS Lewis, and Anne Rice. It is these writers combined with the power of music, mainly hard rock and folk, MJ draws her inspiration.

Hi, MJ!

Hello! Thank you for having me; I’m excited to speak with you!

J.R.R Tolkien, Stephen King, C.S Lewis, and Anne Rice are among your favorite authors, and I agree, they are fantastic influences. Which of their works jump-started your creativity? 

Oh wow, that’s an awesome question. Anne Rice’s Pandora and The Queen of the Damned; J.R.R. Tolkien’s Simarillion; C.S. Lewis’s entire Chronicles of Narnia and the Screw Tape Letters.

You have two series, which story would you say came together the easiest?

The Manjian Chronicles came together easier for me than the Veritas Series. Which, considering how personal the Veritas Series is to me, might be surprising to some. But it’s how much Lux and the other books are a part of me that made them so hard to finish. The Manjian Chronicles have characters who are very near and dear to me; I began writing them as a teenager, so their story was easier to share.

What is your favorite mythical creature?

Again, an excellent question: I love Dragons; they are very near and dear to my heart. But I also love griffins and kelpies.