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Interview with Daryl J. Ball

Born in Ontario, Canada in 1977, Daryl J Ball has spent many of his years with one feline pal or another. He developed a love for reading at a young age especially in regards to Science Fiction and Fantasy.


Tell me a little bit about The Tannis Project.

The Tannis Project is essentially a chance to get a peek into the thoughts of a near-200-year-old vampire in the form of weekly entries he does on a blog.  Due to the nature of this style and his habit of choosing topics each week as he sees fit, much of the story within is anecdotal in nature. When put all together though it provides a look at the full scope of his history and the challenges and growth he's encountered along the way. It also deals with ongoing updates he provides as to how his current relationship is going and the new challenges it has provided, concluding with a possible major change in its dynamics. The entries range in scope from his own history to vampire mythology, to music, and even semi-current events.

Which of your books do you think took the most time or had the most difficulty finishing?

The Name Of The Bear took the most time due to multiple reasons: Length, the themes, research, and the sub-plots. It was also the one that hit me the hardest emotionally when revising which resulted in my having to work on it more slowly. It was when I finished it and held a copy that I truly felt like a real author.

Do you outline your stories first or are you more of a panster?

I outline to a degree; I plan out the ending and any major aspects I want to occur. That helps keep it focussed even while the story finds its own way to reach those points.

Do you incorporate real-life events in your work?

I definitely draw from real-life experiences to a degree in my work.  The Tannis Project because it takes place in "our" world contains numerous references to real-life events, specifically if they'll have an impact on the title character in some way.

Have you ever read something that you made you think differently about writing fiction?

Not so much read something as I was told something about the key to writing a good speech - always begin with the end in mind.  It applies just as much to story-telling and once I learned that, it became much easier to think about writing by providing a goal to focus on.

What was your favorite childhood book?

I read so many books in my childhood, I guess picking a favourite would depend on when we consider childhood to end. Let's go with The Cat Who Came For Christmas by Cleveland Amory.

What are you working on now?

I'm currently working on two books at the same time: One is the fourth book in my fantasy series, The Barrier Of Mibekel.  The second is a book set in the same world as The Tannis Project that is loosely connected to it.

When will your next book be available to purchase?

My current goal is to have my next book, the aforementioned fourth book in The Barrier Of Mibekel series, available for purchase sometime in January 2021.




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