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Her Dark Soul: An interview with Isra Sravenheart

Isra Sravenheart is a USA Today and Amazon number one best-selling author. She's a dark fantasy fairytale fanatic, avid reader, and fellow sister witch that gave me the honor of interviewing her about the fantastic tales she has written. I can say I am obsessed with Isra's writing and love her wordplay. She has an addictive style that makes you crave her imagery. I highly recommend Heart of Oz and the Dark Spell series!


Her Dark Soul is magical, mystical, and one of my favorites-very witchy. Do you dabble in the craft?

I do indeed. I have been a practicing witch for over twenty years now. With fantasy fiction, we get to play with the magic side more fun.

Was there any type of research you had to do for the series?

Not really, perse. I did research on medieval traditions. Castles. Things like that. But most of it I knew from my own experience in witchcraft and paranormal-type themes.

What is your writing process? Do you outline or plan as you go?

I didn't actually outline my first two books. Bit naughty, really, but when it came to Her Dark Rose. I really got into outlining, and it became a staple from thereon.

When starting a story, do you usually know the character first or just an idea of the story itself?

I usually know the ending before I begin writing.

What is your favorite thing about being an author?

Getting to create my own worlds.

Is it an entire scene or just an idea of what the end should be?

I basically know 99% of the time the end scene of the book, yes. It's a bit weird, but it started with Her Dark Rose, which is interesting because that was the 3rd book in the series. I knew how that book would start and how it would end. After that Her Dark Love and Kissing Darkness, I knew the ending crystal clear word for word for both of those.

Where did the idea for Heart of Oz begin?

I have always been interested in anything Oz-related. I thought it would be a really cool idea to imagine what it was like with a fairy/ fae spin on it. Potentially we may have a sequel in the works; however, it's overdue since 2019 due to finally finishing the Dark Spell series.

Is Isra Sravenheart a pen name or your real name?

It's a pen name. I think some people have it figured out due to the main character being the same name as my pen name. It was actually an idea put forward by the vanity publisher Author House who I was with at the time. I came up with the Sravenheart bit. I think writers in this day and age well sometimes it's a bit of a double life. Most people I encounter in real life don't know what I do either because of a lack of interest in my writing (they know I write) or I don't feel much like divulging too much if I can see they aren't really interested but I;ve connected with so many in author land. It doesn't matter.

How do you choose character names? Are there special meanings behind them?

I do a lot of research on this and usually go for magical type names but then again, this is not always the case.

Which of your books is your favorite or favorite part?

Kissing Darkness, Dark Spell 5 for sure.

Are any of your characters based on someone you know?

All my characters are based on people, but names are changed. :) Some characters don't look like the people they are meant to be, but I know they are.

What are you working on now?

Ha, I can't share that. It bit of a secret project.

Do you prefer to write by night or day?

Oh night for sure. I have tried to write during the day and for some reason it just doesn't have the same vibe. Nighttime is so relaxing and quiet. Can have a little background noise on youtube and just sink into the mystery of it all especially if listening to classical music like Tchaikovsky

Find all of Isra's books and links HERE.

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