Interview with Carla Vergot

Carla writes, gardens, and spends time in nature. She loves details. If you tell her you went for a walk, you’d better be ready to include a weather report, a description of any cars that may have passed, a tally of animals seen (by category), and observations regarding broken pavement, flowers, and mail carriers. Then, upon sharing the story, you need to make yourself available to field a dozen or so questions.

Her thirst for details drives the character development in the Lily Barlow series. She likes writing relatable characters with normal human flaws, and she likes to make it funny.

I chose Carla as one of my Sunday Share Day winners. I purchased, read and reviewed her book; Lily Barlow, The Mystery of Jane Dough. I love mystery novels and can be very critical to sleuthing stories written by lesser known authors. It's difficult to find a story that can hold its own among my favorites of Sir Author Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, Sue Grafton and Carolyn Keene. Lily Barlow has made my list and found a space on my bookshelf. Oh yes, right next to those fore-mentioned greats. It kept my attention from the beginning and even had me chuckling with its humor. Overall it was a delight to read and I am looking forward to the next one.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Carla recently and getting a peek into her world.

When did the idea of Lily Barlow first come to you?

Lily’s character came to me when I was in college…so…almost 30 years ago. The rest of the story coalesced once I identified the small town setting—Marshall, Virginia—about seven years ago.

What books have inspired you as a writer?

I was really inspired by Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. In fact, I pay homage to Janet in my books—Lily is a devotee of the series and often wonders what Stephanie would do in a certain situation.

What did you do for research for Lily Barlow?

I was a fan of the Doe Network before I started writing the series, but it plays an integral part in the story. I got to spend time poring over the website (in the name of research). Can’t beat that, can ya?

Sounds great! Can you share your favorite scene from your book?

So far, there are two books in the Lily Barlow series, and I like a lot of the scenes for different reasons. In LB1, I love a scene where Lily is sitting in Miss Delphine’s kitchen, and they’re eating peanut butter sandwiches, talking about strawberry jelly