Interview with Micheal Harding

Micheal Harding is a sound archivist by day and electronic sound artist/musician and horror, supernatural and crime writer in the moonlight. His collaborations have been shown in Australian art galleries. His most recent written work, The Price, was issued by Stormy Island Publishing in Salty Tales and he has appeared in Australian Speculative Fiction. He co-published a fanzine called Manifesto back in the late 90s with Simon Starling and their long running musical project Vladivostok has issued a large volume of material. He lives in South-Western Sydney with his wife and daughter. He likes sharks.

MWS: Hello Micheal. How are things going?

MH: Hi Melissa! Well, I'm on holidays right now so I

guess things are pretty good.

I'm in Sunny, sorry I meant smoggy, Beijing, China. It's hot.

MWS: Have you been to China before or is this your first time there?

MH: I've been a few times. I've been coming since 2008. Though neither of us have been back here for a few years. My wife is from Beijing and we're visiting her family. I'm at her sister's place right now.

MWS: That's great you get to visit! . You said like sharks, which is your favorite?

MS: Probably the Blue Shark. Because unlike every other shark out there they always look kind of worried.

MWS: Probably are, they've seen some things, Would you ever go in a shark cage?

MH: Well, I read a book recently, about Great Whites, and the author went with some researchers off the coast of South Australia.

The chain holding the cage snapped and it started falling to the sea floor. They were surrounded by white sharks. Something to think about.

MWS: I'm guessing he survived if he wrote a book about it. I would probably still go. I have a serious shark love. lol It's on my bucket list. Let's dive into some interesting things that you do. As stated in your bio you co-published a fanzine (Manifesto) in the latter part of the 90's. Is that still something you are doing and available for people to read past issues?

MH: Manifesto was a one off. We did it when we had a punk band