Interview with Aaina Batool

Aaina Batool is an avid reader from Pakistan with a BBA (Hons.) degree. She is a published writer, photographer, social media marketer, videographer and baker. She has 2 books published with Daastan and she is also the winner of LUMS young writer’s workshop 2017. Her short story has been published in the Pakistan Academy of Letters and she has adjudicated the Essay Writing Competition at PIEAS’s National Olympiad. Her recent publication was in Stormy Island Publishing's anthology 'Salty Tales' which is available on Amazon.

MWS: Hello Aaina, how has your day been so far?

AB: It's been great. I had an order to make so that kept me busy.

MWS: Besides writing great stories, what do you do as a day job?

AB: I run a homebased bakery business with my mother.

MWS: That sounds amazing! What is your most popular good?

AB: It's not a good. It's a flavor: chocolate fudge. MWS: Chocolate fudge is delicious! I'm sure it's very hard work. Do you all deliver the items also?

AB: Yes we do but we also give them the option to pick it up themselves ( we've had really bad experiences with delivery services where they dropped entire cakes that took us days to make)

MWS: We will be talking about some of your stories in a moment, but I want to know the personal side of you. First, I love your name, does it have a special meaning?

AB: Haha, I wish my name had a special meaning but it just means, 'someone who has big eyes'. A lot of people ask me what my name means since Aaina isn't really a common name here. And when I tell them what it means, they just look deep into my eyes and look confused.

MWS: Lol! Oh my, that's funny. You were born and raised in Pakistan, for those of us who only have a one sided idea of life there by media sources, can you tell me what it is really like to live there?

AB: Sure. Pakistan is a beautiful country

which is deeply enriched in different cultures and traditions. It's nice living here. The lifestyle is easier. The northern areas are overwhelmingly gorgeous, something everyone should see.

MWS: It sounds lovely. What books inspired you to want to be a writer?