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Interview with Katherine Brown


After a long day I find that there is nothing more relaxing than settling down on a chilly day with a steamy cup of cocoa, a cozy mystery, and a fluffy blanket. Except maybe trading the fluffy blanket for a hot bubble bath, and the cocoa for wine, but that's a different kind of day. Mysteries are a genre close to my heart as I grew up with the stories of Miss Marple, Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, and The Hardy Boys. The TV always seemed to land on Columbo or Murder, She wrote, so when I saw this book my heart did a little flutter. I don't see this genre as much as others and I jumped at the chance to read it. I couldn't have picked a more perfect one. It had everything I could ever want in a cozy mystery, including the snacks. WARNING: This book will make you want to munch so please stock up on healthy snacks if you can before you read it, lol. I had to have a sit down with the book's author, also the second winner of my Sunday Share Day posts. (two more will be chosen in April.) Grab a cookie, or some other baked goodie, and join me for an Ooey Gooey talk with Katherine Brown. Rest, Relax, Run for Your Life

Piper and Samantha are in heaven. Well, close. After winning a contest to raise the most money for human trafficking awareness and prevention, Piper and Sam are rewarded with a long weekend at the O Heavenly Day Spa. When mysterious notes start appearing everywhere, things get uncomfortable. When spa treatments go awry it is starting to get dangerous. A threatening message in Piper’s closet convinces Piper and Sam that they have to find out who is behind all of these disasters before someone gets hurt. Is it Broussard the stuffy concierge? Gladys, the sweet old lady who decided to join them for the weekend? When the smoke alarms go off and the spa erupts into panic, the chaos separates the friends and Piper stumbles into trouble. Will her friends be able to help her in time?


MWS: Hello Katherine! Or should I call you Kate?

KB: Katherine is fine! MWS: Before we get to your book, I would like to get to know YOU a little more. Can I ask you some personal questions? KB: Yes absolutely.

MWS: Where did you grow up? KB: I grew up in a small community called New York Texas. It is a small country area.

MWS: Do you still live there? KB: I do! I am not a city girl and I love the area. My husband and I have seven acres of land that is not far from the home I grew up in. MWS: Wow! That sounds amazing! Do you have farm animals or crops? KB: We don't, mostly because I'm low maintenance and animals are not lol. We are thinking of trying a few veggies or small garden this year. So far, my only successful plant has been rosemary.

MWS: I understand the animals. That would be a lot of work. Do you have children? KB: We have a daughter, my stepdaughter technically, who is 10 and lives full time with us. She is very outgoing, outspoken, and a voracious reader as well. MWS: I bet she is lovely. That is wonderful that she loves to read as well! What were some of the authors you enjoyed growing up? KB: Carolyn Keene, Lois Gladys Leppard, and Brian Jacques were a few whose series I devoured growing up. MWS: What is your favorite genre to read? KB: Ugh! So I have to say, I think it is a tie between Historical Fiction and Cozy Mystery (from the mundane to paranormal cozies).

MWS: Mysteries are one of my favorites also! Have you always wanted to be a writer? KB: Yes. I used to write tiny stories and staple them together as a kid in elementary school. As a teen I wrote poetry and even signed up to get lots of free brochures from publishing companies in the mail, but they all wanted me to pay them to publish anything and I had no money. MWS: Sounds like a vanity press. Eek! Let's get into your book; Rest, Relax, Run for Your Life. I chose it for my love of mysteries, and I was pleasantly surprised to see one. I will tell you, I enjoyed this book very much. This book, for me, had a modern day Nancy Drew feel to it. I would even say it reminded me of a YA version of Murder, She Wrote. I was very pleased with it. Were you a fan of either of those? KB: Thank you so much Melissa! It brings me joy to know that you enjoyed the book. Yes. I read so many Nancy Drew Mysteries and to this day when I find them at half price book stores or resale shops I still pick up one every once in awhile. I take it as a great compliment that my story reminded you a little of those. For Murder She Wrote, I have watched a few episodes but I had never read the books. MWS: I have the entire Nancy Drew collection, starting from book 1 back in the 1950's. I've been collecting since I was 10, lol. The main characters own a bakery and I must admit, it made me hungry at times.

In fact, there were several scenes in the book that sparked a snack attack. Lol. How did you curb your snacking when writing the ones will all the yummy stuff? KB: That's awesome! As a side note, did you know there is now a Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew series for younger children so that you can get your kids addicted to Nancy Drew even sooner? But back to your question, it took a lot of self-restraint not to march into the kitchen and attempt to create a recipe for most of the cookies my characters were whipping up. I did the next best thing though....I kept a bowl of "healthy" energy bite dough next to me while typing - peanut butter, oats, honey, flax seed, protein powder, cacao nibs, and sometimes butterscotch chips all stirred up in a bowl is a great mimic of raw cookie dough lol! MWS: Yes, I do! My 8 year old loves the Clue Crew! She has several in the series. I will have to try that snack! Also speaking of food. the chapters begin with a cookie "sun" and cloud, following well with the theme of their bakery. How did you come up with that brilliant little treat?

KB: Aren't they adorable? I have to give credit to my fantastic cover designer Breezy Reads for separating a jpeg file of the cookie sun from the cover for me when I asked. The art was her, though funny story...I had formatted all of my chapters already (I'm talking 2 hours) trying to use a stubborn muffin clip-art I found free online. The next day, driving home, my treacherous brain said "how awesome would that cookie sun look in your chapters...totally unique. I'm sure you can redo everything in just a few more hours." Why brilliant ideas are never timely, I don't know; however, I shot off an email asking for the cookie sun graphic pretty please and my cover designer sent it right over. MWS: I thought it was such an amazing touch and so glad you sent that email! I am trying not to reveal spoilers but I do want to touch on the bits of Human Trafficking references in the book. Was that planned in the initial idea for the book or did it come later as you plotted/began to write it? KB: Great question; I am glad you asked. The human trafficking bit was a plan right away. I'm not interested in nonfiction, but at the same time along with entertainment I would love for my writing to also be beneficial when possible. I decided that, with this series, I would highlight human trafficking throughout each to help call attention to it. I believe it happens much closer to home than most of us are aware, including myself, and if in the process of some fun fiction readers can gain a deeper truth or understanding of human trafficking then my goal will be met. Book 1 only broached the subject, book 2 dives a bit deeper, but I hope all in a way that flows smoothly through the storyline. MWS: You're right, it doesn't get as much focus as it should. Unfortunately, it also seems to be on the rise in many areas. I was surprised to see it but also filled with respect that someone brought attention to it. Good job! I am also looking forward to book 2! I really enjoyed your main characters, and their diversity. Piper is my favorite, but I have to mention Gladys as well. She was a hoot and I loved her attitude! Is she based off anyone you know? KB: Gladys isn't based on any person in particular, but I can tell you whose writing inspired me to have a character like Gladys. Have you read any of the A Miss Fortune Series by Jana Deleon (one of my current favorite authors)? She has two unexpected senior citizens, Ida Bell and Gertie, and the books wouldn't be the same without them. When Gladys showed up in my book, I just knew she needed that same flair to liven things up.

MWS: I have not read those, but they are going on my TBR! lol She was such fun and I hope she will be in book 2! When can we expect book 2? KB: Oh gosh, you will either love me or hate me for recommending them because I am almost certain you won't be able to put them down! The first one is free, Louisiana Longshot, and that's how I was hooked Back to my own books though (I just love to read and share favorites, can't help it), my drop dead goal for book 2 is a release at the beginning of June. I'm really excited to tell you that I wrapped up the very first draft of it just this morning and emailed it to two beta readers!Book 1 taught me that with the first draft you are only halfway there; many painful edits may be required {it hurts to hit delete on anything }. Still, I'm pretty pleased with the progress and believe my June date is reachable, if not before then. MWS: Do you plan on this being a series of books or just a trilogy? KB: Currently only a trilogy, but that is because I have had no ideas pop up for continuing past book 3. Actually, I'm still wrestling with book 3 itself to be honest. I have plans for the characters, but haven't sorted out the major incident on the human trafficking theme yet. Since I only finished book 2 this morning though, that's normal for me and I'm not too worried. I plan to work on a few other projects, give myself time to think, and jump back into the Ooey Gooey Bakery mysteries in April. If book 3 presents a book 4 great; if not I will be fine with that, too. Unless of course I have enough fans asking it to continue on in which case I would be ecstatic and exceedingly blessed, and do everything in my power to accommodate them. A girl can dream, right? MWS: Sure can! Do you think you will write for any other genre or just mystery? KB: Mostly mystery I think. I love historical fiction but don't know that I could do that genre justice because research and fact-checking things about time periods makes my eyes glaze over thinking about it. Authors in that genre, who truly put in the work and keep historical fiction true to their time amaze me. I have one chick lit planned for a pen name in the far future, otherwise that is all I feel equipped to write at the moment. I have done a small children's series, they are light mystery, heavy on the characters' daily life in school, with

large doses of humor. School is Scary is the series name. MWS: I will be sure to look for them, my oldest is always looking for new things to read! Thank you so much for talking with me today, Katherine! Keep me posted for book 2! I look forward to reading more from you! KB: Thank you! I enjoyed our discussion very much. You asked great questions and I look forward to sharing it with everyone when it goes on your site. I will absolutely let you know all the details on book 2's release as it gets close. I can't tell you enough how much knowing you enjoyed the book thrills me. Enjoy your weekend Melissa, and thank you for your time. MWS: My pleasure!


Katherine Brown is a lover of books and weaver of words. Her first official publication was of two children’s books in 2017, however she likes to think her career as a writer started when she sold her parents newsletters of her life for fifty cents per copy as a pre-teen. Married to a wonderful husband and proud of her smart, spunky stepdaughter, Katherine enjoys spending time with family and reading as many new books as she can get her hands on.

*Comments are always appreciated! You can leave comments on the front page or on the blog! *Check out the links to Katherine's book and media sites on the front page of this website* ~Happy reading, even if you aren't reading me.~

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