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A wrong turn causes a chain of events that will awaken not only good but an evil that has been searching for them. Magical worlds will come together to help battle a war, and a family past they never knew existed.
~ ~ ~ ~
~Kesta is struggling with losing her long-time job, a divorce from an abusive partner, and the loss of her beloved dog when her sister suggests a family road trip. A wrong turn leads them to a secluded diner, dangerous clientele, and a distorted rescue. As if their trip wasn't bad enough a bad GPS signal leads them to a forest of cloaked figures equipped with inhuman abilities meant to kill them.
~ ~ ~ ~
~A banshee wail in the distance sent chills down my spine. Kharisprotectively placed herself in front of me as the threat of the ghostly holler breathed through the trees, causing the leaves to shiver.
~ ~ ~ ~
~Knight extended a hand to me and I reluctantly took it, gingerly stepping into his embrace. My nostrils filled with his scent, sweet and tart, a minty musk I couldn’t place. He didn’t smell like an elf, although, I wasn’t sure how they smelled. Like cookies?Cakes? Either way, Knight was more masculine than I expected. Maybe it was his shapeshifter side making him the Alexander Skarsgard of elves.
~ ~ ~ ~
My attention returned to the tree as the sounds of stretching rubber and cracking wood emerged from the shifting oak. My eyes widened and Kharis leaned back as the oak tree changed its shape. It slowly separated from itself to form an archway in its center. A soft, gold flickering hue emitted from inside a newly formed doorway and Knight now stood to the side, his head bowed.
~ ~ ~ ~
~Join the sisters for the beginning of their journey in The Chronicles of Fey trilogy. Follow Kesta and Kharis in this re-edited, and modernized manuscript originally published in 2010.

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Dreamcatchers hold an unknown power, the song stuck in your head may have a hidden meaning, and having a friend named Edward could prove deadly.

Melissa Sell weaves unforgettable tales from many genres with her collection of stories and poetry; every reader will enjoy.


Whether you prefer horror, fantasy, or strange and unusual, you are sure to find enjoyment between these pages; along with a sneak peek of excerpts from her upcoming trilogy, The Chronicles of Fey.

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