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Hickery Hollow
(young adult fanatsy)

Hannah and her family must relocate after her new stepfather tries to murder them. The new town of Hickery Hollow is small, quiet, and quaint with some quirky residents. Especially, her new, and overly excitable friend, Izzy. Did that coffee shop sign say you could get a shot of charisma in your latte? Who keeps showing up at night wearing striped stockings and giggles at her window? Will her stepfather find them and finish the job?

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Mirrored Souls
(adult fantasy)

When the Queen of Valor is tired of her royal life, and her apathetic husband, the King, she disguises herself as a peasant to hide among the villagers. She enters a tavern in hopes of escaping on a ship, but when the tavern is invaded by a gang of pirates she's taken as a prisoner. Wanting her to be their pleasure toy, the pirates make a play to assault her but is then rescued by one of their crew.

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Legends & Legions Series
Wicked Love 
(Book One)

Nerissa is a legend. Her powers are passed down from generations dating back to Hecate, and one of the few who can vanquish demons- especially the feared legions. She is also a mother of three and works for the PTA investigating supernatural activity that directly affects witches. Darrell is a legion and a hired assassin. Her next vanquish is Darrell. His next mark is Nerissa, even though she's the only one to make him feel anything in centuries.

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House of Timor
(horror short)

Pay attention to the house rules to survive the night in House of Timor. Not all who enter can leave.

Love Me, Anyway
(Romantic dramedy)

Melina was satisfied with her regular day-to-day, and the ladies from her book club. When her best friend, Kay decides to introduce her to Shane, Kay's hot boss, Melina wants nothing to do with him. Shane's persistence to get to know her, however, quickly changes her mind and makes her think love could be an option. But when their lives begin to take a different path, the relationship will be tested, and something they both deserve may be over before they can truly begin.

Intergalactic Entropies

Nick's job is the same day after day. Until one day it isn't and the fate of superheroes is suddenly in danger.

Writers' Edge

Novelist, Ann Montgomery, uncovers a sinister plot that leads her to an island run by a madman who will stop at nothing to get his next murderous story.Show less


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The Chronicles of Fey
(book 1)

A wrong turn causes a chain of events that will awaken not only good but an evil that has been searching for them. Magical worlds will come together to help battle a war, and a family past they never knew existed.
~ ~ ~ ~
~Kesta is struggling with losing her job, a divorce from an abusive partner, and the death of her beloved dog when her sister suggests a road trip. A wrong turn leads them to a secluded diner, dangerous clientele, and a distorted rescue. As if their trip wasn't bad enough a dropped GPS signal sends them to a forest of cloaked figures equipped with inhuman abilities meant to kill them.

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coming soon


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Dreamcatchers hold an unknown power, the song stuck in your head may have a hidden meaning, and having a friend named Edward could prove deadly


Melissa Sell weaves unforgettable tales from many genres with her collection of stories and poetry; every reader will enjoy.


Whether you prefer horror, fantasy, or strange and unusual, you are sure to find enjoyment between these pages; along with a sneak peek of excerpts from her upcoming trilogy, The Chronicles of Fey.


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